Would a Wrought Iron Door Work for My Home?

By: Love That Door | 08/20/2018

A wrought iron door from Love That Door adds distinction to any home.  It speaks to the taste, grace and prestige of the homeowner and communicates an appreciation of the finer things.
When one thinks of wrought iron doors, images of expensive homes and exclusive neighborhoods can come to mind.  Because of this perception, people who don’t live in those settings often ask us,  “Would a wrought iron entryway work for my home?”
The answer, of course, is “Yes.”  Our doors are smart buy no matter what type of home you own.
Wrought Iron is Style Neutral
Because our doors are designed for each customer, we can create a product that matches the home’s style.  Whether it is a 19th-century Queen Anne, a quaint cottage, or a mid-century ranch, it doesn’t matter.  Our artisans can create designs that complement the look of the structure, while adding value and curb appeal.
That’s right!  Heads in your neighborhood will turn.  That’s because wrought iron doors can literally transform the look of your property.  Because they are so unique, our doors create a new visual focal point for those passing by your house.
They evoke feelings in people, as well.  Wrought iron can arouse nostalgic feelings.  Our doors suggest a connection with the past, a simpler time that we all long to be part of again.
Their open design gives the suggestion of light breezes and natural light streaming through the windows.  Yet at the same time, their weight and substantial nature brings about a sense of security.
An entryway from Love That Door can add another level of protection to your home, as well.  The strength and weight of the 12-gauage, solid steel makes our doors a deterrent against crime.
Adding Value
In the end, the best reason why our doors will work for your home is the value they bring to it.  Adding a wrought iron door is one of the Top 6 investments you can make.  According to Remodeling Magazine, homeowners can recoup up to 75.6 percent of their investment when they sell.
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