Wanting More Home Security?

By: Love That Door | 10/30/2017

3 Reasons Why Our Iron Doors Increase Your Home’s Security

More than 4,300 burglaries happen every day—or nearly 1.6 million annually—in the United States. That is a burglar compromising your security every twenty seconds in the United States.  Roughly 58% of all burglaries involved forcible entry.  Damaging, removing, or destroying a door is the most common type of entry used in burglaries.

Stats like these are enough to have you shaking under your blankets and never leaving your home, but there are a few ways to make sure you are prepared for the moment when a burglar comes knocking.

We all know about security cameras and monitored alarms, but there is one item with an even BIGGER effectiveness rate: an Iron Door!  With Love That Door, not only will you be adding the most effective security feature to your home, you will also be adding immeasurable beauty.

Here are a few of the biggest reasons why our iron doors are the best break-in deterrent you can have:


Kick Proof/Crowbar Proof

All of our iron is hand forged using old world techniques, achieving maximum strength.

Our Hand Crafted Wrought Iron Doors are made of solid steel that is fired and then hand-bent into shape.  That means that our decorative (yet super reinforcing) ironwork cannot be kicked in, pried back, or cut through.    Beware of mass-produced or machine cut cheaper doors that typically use hollow material that looks the same… but isn’t!  Browse Our Selection of Iron Doors HERE.


Security Bars

Our Doors offer the same security as a set of bars on your windows, but one thousand times more beautiful!

Love That Door offers the security of iron bars on your home, without the unsightly appearance.  Iron has been used for centuries for keeping people out (or in!)  They have been used on castle windows, dungeon doors, and city gates.  Why not use the most time-tested material in the world to keep your home safe as well?  Browse Our Selection of Iron Doors HERE.


Solid One Piece Door Jamb

Our door frames are made from a single piece of hand forged iron, increasing strength and longevity.

Every seller of wrought iron doors claims their doors are solid. The only way to make a wrought iron door solid is to make the frame from a single piece. Each of our doors starts with a one-piece solid iron frame for maximum strength and durability.  Browse Our Selection of Iron Doors HERE.

BONUS:  Because of these 3 reasons, most burglars will AVOID your home altogether because dealing with Iron Doors is just not worth the effort!

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