Top 5 Home Improvements that Increase Value

By: Love That Door | 01/25/2018

Top 5 Home Improvements that Increase Value

It doesn’t matter if you just recently purchased a house or having been living in the same one for years, homeowners all have one thing in common.  In order to get more value from their property when they sell it, they must make home improvements while they own it. 

Be Strategic

But not all renovations deliver the same value.  In fact, some deliver more than the cost of doing them, while others only provide 50% of the project’s cost.  The challenge, then, is to be strategic when you make home improvements.  Try to invest money in renovations that will give you the best payoff when you sell.
Here’s another thing you need to consider.  The cost that you recoup from a project can be different depending on the region of the country where you live.  
But fear not.  Remodeling Magazine has done the research for us.   Below are their 2017 findings for the Top 5 home improvements that increase value in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. 

Home Improvements That Deliver Value

According to Remodeling Magazine, adding insulation to your attic provides the biggest value.  You can recoup 108% of the cost.  But since this is not a project with aesthetic qualities or one that directly impacts a living space, we didn’t include it on this list.
1.      Manufactured Stone Veneer – You can create some real curb appeal, along with value to your property, by adding stone veneer to the outside of it.  By replacing just one-third of your home’s street-facing façade you will be able to recoup 96% of the installation cost.

2.      Minor Kitchen Remodel – It’s the room in the house where everyone congregates.  It’s also one of the best investments for your home improvement dollars.  Makeover this space and you can expect to get 81% of the cost back at closing.

3.      Basement Remodel – By finishing your basement, you not only get more living and recreational space, you could also recoup up to 80.8% of the renovation cost.

4.      Family Room Addition – Are you looking for more space? Add a 16-by-25-foot addition.  The new room will allow you to spread out and also deliver 78% of the building cost when you sell.

5.      Wrought Iron Entry Door – If you want to make a statement and get real curb appeal from a project, then a wrought iron door is the way to go!  But beauty is not their only quality.  A steel entry way also delivers value.  Homeowners with wrought iron entries can recoup 75.6% of the installation costs! 

Investing Smartly

Interior home improvements that add a substantial value are smart investments.  When you consider the impact that exterior improvements have on curb appeal, investments such as wrought iron entries seem even smarter!

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