Top 4 Reasons Why People Buy Wrought Iron Doors

By: Love That Door | 11/04/2017

People typically choose an entryway door for the look.  But homeowners who buy wrought iron doors know they get more for their money than just a pretty entryway.

They base their decision based on 4 factors that make wrought iron doors a smarter buy than the traditional wood or fiberglass variety.



There are plenty of dangers in today’s world.  Modern criminals have become bolder and homeowners who want to protect their families and property need to do more than just rely on a deadbolt and doorknob.

Wrought iron doors provided an added level of protection.  Because of the strength and weight of the material, these doors are themselves a deterrent against crime.  Thieves simply pass by because they know the doors are too difficult to overcome.


Design and Beauty

Simply put, wrought iron doors are beautiful.  They become a stunning focal point!  But the interesting thing about these doors is that their beauty is also conveyed to the rest of the home they’re a part of.  They can transform the look of any property.

How does that happen? Perhaps it is the craftsmanship and the fact that custom wrought iron doors are not just entryways, but also works of art.

It could be their substantiality, their weight that seems to act as a visual anchor point for the house.  While they are heavy, they also have an airiness to them.  Refreshing breezes and natural light can pass through these doors while they simultaneously provide security to those inside.

Maybe it’s because these doors can be custom made to fit any architecture.  So they can blend nicely to compliment your home’s style.

Or perhaps it’s just a connection with a past way of doing things that are no longer with us, but one we yearn to be part of.

Whatever the reason, wrought iron doors will turn the heads of your neighbors and make a classical impact on your home.



Steel is measured by gauge.  The lower the gauge number, the thicker and stronger the steel is.  Most steel door manufacturers use 24-gauge steel in their doors.  We use 12-gauge, so our doors are thicker, heavier and stronger, making them incredibly durable.

Not all steel doors are made the same.  We’re so confident in the quality of our 12-gauge doors that we offer a Lifetime warranty!



Wrought Iron Doors Add Distinction

While each of the reasons above is enough to help anyone decide that wrought iron is a great option, perhaps it is the distinction these doors bring that is the leading factor.

We all like to take care of our homes, yards, and landscaping because we want our homes to stand out, to be distinctive.  Wrought iron doors deliver distinction…in spades!

While we may not want to openly boast about status or position, it’s okay to let our homes do the talking for us.  Nothing makes a statement like an entryway that features wrought iron.  It speaks to classic tastes, grace, and prestige.  It communicates that the owners of this home enjoy finer things.


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