Buying a Door? 5 Questions to Ask Before You Do

By: Love That Door | 03/11/2018

An entryway door is a significant purchase.   It should not only match the style and décor of your home, but it should also add value and security.  Let’s face it, a door is an integral part of the house, so you’ll want to take care when making your decision and choose the best possible door for the price.
To help you make the right choice, here are five questions you should ask when looking at doors.

What Type of Door Do I Want?

This is the first question you need to answer because it is the most basic.  Do you know the type of door style you want?  Is it a single or a double?  Know the type of door you are looking for first, then the rest of the questions will be easier to answer.

How Do I Want the Door to Swing?

Traditionally, entryway doors swing inwards.  It was viewed as more welcoming and it also didn’t expose the hinges to the elements.
However, new hinge technology is changing this view, especially in areas where high winds might blow a door inward.  A door that swings out is also more secure.  They can’t be kicked in.

What Materials Are Best?

There are three popular choices when it comes to door materials: Wood, steel and fiberglass.  They each have certain advantages and certain drawbacks. 
When looking at doors, ask your dealer what type of material works best in the climate where you live.  You’ll also want to ask if one material works better than another for your style and energy efficiency needs.

Is There A Warranty?

Most doors will come with a warranty.  But the question to consider is how long is how long does it cover the door and what aspect does it include?
Warranties can cover different parts of the door, and may not cover what you think it should.  So be sure to get the specifics.

What Lock Should I Choose?

If you’re security minded, and in today’s world who isn’t, then you absolutely need a dead bolt.  You may want to purchase one that is graded high, as well.  Grading specifies the level of security the lock can provide. 
Grade 1 locks, for example, are used on commercial doors and are more expensive.  Most home doors use a Grade 2 lock.  Those with a grade of 3 may not offer enough security for your home.
Of course, you can find dead bolt locks in many different styles and also in low-tech or high-tech choices.   The price will vary depending on the style and the level of the technology included.
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