Amazing Benefits Of Windows In Your Iron Door

By: Love That Door | 06/04/2018

Glass is a primary material in our wrought iron doors.  It doesn’t matter if the style is Watercube Flemish, Frosted, Glue Chip, Aquatex, Rain or Reeded, it’s the finishing touch to any entryway.  Because of its translucence, our door windows give our entryways a beautiful glow.
Some of the glass options in our doors are also functional, meaning you can open them to the outside world, just as you would a window.  These door windows have several advantages.
Door Windows are Safe
In today’s world, it’s just not a good idea to open the door to someone you don’t know.  With the ability to open the window in your door, you can see the visitor face-to-face and talk with them directly.  In the meantime, you remain safe behind a closed and locked steel door.
Unbreakable Screen
There’s an added layer of security, as well.  It takes the form of the window screen made.  It’s made of steel mesh and can’t be broken.  So while you are talking with your visitor, you can have peace of mind knowing that the person on the other side of the threshold can’t break in through the door or the window screen.   
Keep Bugs Out
When the weather is just right, who doesn’t like to open up the house?  With our door windows and screens, you can let the fresh air in without worrying about annoying flies or bugs entering your home.

Create A Cross Breeze
If you’re really concerned about safety, consider having a second wrought iron door installed in the back of your home.  In addition to the added security, you can also open that door’s window, as well.
It’s the ultimate bug-free, breeze way.
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