4 Tips for Creating The Ultimate Outdoor Space

By: Love That Door | 06/15/2018

It’s as much a part of your home as your living room.  If you like being outside, then you should create a outdoor space that you’re happy being in.  Whether it’s a deck, patio or porch, it’s your space so you should feel at home there.
Here are some tips to make your outdoor space everything you want it to be.
Make Yourself Comfortable

Perhaps the most important tip here is to make your outdoor space comfy.  It sounds pretty basic, but if you don’t feel comfy, you want to use it.
Creating a comfy space isn’t hard to do and doesn’t have to cost a bundle.  There are plenty of table and furniture options available that won’t bust your bank account.  You can start with some pillows and cushions you like, throw down an outdoor rug to tie the area together and you’ve got a new space!
Make It Flow
Your outdoor space should reflect the style and taste that you have inside your home.  As guests move from the inside to the outside, it should all flow together and not be a jarring mismatch. 
Colors, cushions and decorations can help with this flow.  You might also want to consider using sliding or French doors that allow you to see more of the outside when you’re in the house.
Add Fun and Make it Your Own
Make your outdoor space your own and have fun with it.  Please note that the word “fun” is highly subjective and something very personal to each of us.  So add things to your space that reflect your personality and that you think are fun.
If you like to cook, then maybe you build a pizza oven.  If you have children, then perhaps you are including a space for them to play.  Do you follow a certain sports team?  Then adds items that express your fandom.  The key here is to personalize your space in a way that draws you to it.
Use Lighting
Outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy your space safely after the sun goes down.  The right outdoor lighting will also enhance your home’s value and make it more desirable when it comes time to sell.
So select lighting that provides illumination on walkways, steps or handrails so they can be easily seen.  You can also highlight natural or architectural features to draw attention to them.  This is easily done by shooting light up the corners of your home, up trees or up onto the sides of your deck.
It doesn’t matter what type of outdoor space you have, if you make it comfy, fun and part of the flow of your home, you, your family and friends will all want to spend time there.

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