4 Reasons To Love That Door

By: Love That Door | 10/10/2017

The entry door to your home is the first thing people see when they see your home for the first time.  It is important to know the facts about various kinds of doors, so you can make an informed decision.  We know, when given the facts about our wrought iron doors, that you will Love our doors as well!


The hand forged iron worked into intricate designs makes a piece of metal into a work of art.  The elegance and awe that a custom iron entry door inspires lasts forever.  When a homeowner moves and sells their home, not only is the door a key selling point but in the new home, the owners usually choose another wrought iron entry again.  It is a true love that is carried on with the homeowner for life.

Neighbor Envy

People want their homes to stand out.  Homeowners are forever trying to one-up each other.  Think about it: Yard of the Month, the biggest and best Christmas Light Display, carefully selected street-facing window treatments.  People want others to slow down and say “Wow!  Did you see Susan’s new door?”  Give them something to talk about with a beautiful door and create some #neighborenvy!


Imagine building a new home with every detail planned out: the wood floors, the railings, the light fixtures, the countertops, and cabinetry…then picture the boring wood door with zero allowance for light or fresh air.  Who wants that?  You want a door that is as special as your home is.  You want one that allows natural light, fresh air, all the while guarding your home against unwanted invaders.

Want to add even more beautiful sunlight?  You can also add sidelights or a transom!


Unfortunately, these days no matter where you live, security needs to be a top priority for every homeowner.

Did You Know?

34% of  burglars enter through the front door. (Source)

No other type of door will give you the level of protection against home invasion than an iron door.  Reports have shown that homes with iron doors do not even experience as many home invasion attempts.  The invaders know how hard they are to break into, thus avoiding such homes all together!  In addition to home invasion, an ironclad front door will keep the homeowner safe when answering the door to unknown visitors.  These features have made wrought iron the preferred entry for buildings for ages and today it’s the reason why people are choosing wrought iron.

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